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Joorney - Partnership
Become a part of our
ever-growing partner program.
Meet deadlines and effortlessly increase your client base

Referral Partner Program

Become a part of our ever-growing partner program of immigration and business professionals.
Join over 900 others who have built a mutually beneficial partnership with Joorney.
We are here
  • Prices: Flat Fees for all of our business plans
  • Payment Terms: Full payment upfront for a smoother and simpler process.
  • Volume Discounts: We can, at the wish of the partner, provide up to a 10% discount on our price when we work on a minimum of 3 business plans per month together.
  • Turnaround time: Delivery of the first draft is from 7-10 business days (after receiving our questionnaire). We can provide Rush Service in 3-5 business days for an extra fee.

How To Work With Us

Outsourcing vs. Referrals?

The structure of your partnership with Joorney is up to you.

We currently have three different models by which we partner with migration and business professionals:

Back-Office Model

Our team becomes your dedicated back-office for all business plan requirements:

    • We work directly with you. There is no interaction with your clients
    • We provide custom-branded questionnaires in a variety of languages for you to use.
    • We invoice you directly. It’s that easy!

Referral Model

You refer us to your client:

    • Your client works directly with us.
    • We handle all aspects of the business plan process.
    • We communicate with your client and bring you back into the conversation based on your communication preferences.

Preferred Partner

The business plan is part of the package you sell to your client:

    • You introduce us to your client.
    • We handle the project management of the business plan with your client directly.
    • We settle the administrative parts with you.

Benefits Of Becoming A Joorney Partner

Outsourcing vs. Referrals?

You’ll receive a built-in professional partner that’s dedicated to supporting your growth by providing stellar service for your clients.

A core component of our business model is supporting the growth of our 900+ partners.

Partner Programs


We’re flexible in the ways we can work together. It’s all about what works best for your practice and the needs of your clients.

We ALWAYS Leave the Legal Issues to You!


Though we’ve seen thousands of cases, we’re quite humble about our role in the process. We will only provide our business experience and knowledge, and always leave the legal matters to you.

Existing Business Plan Review


We don’t just write plans from scratch, we can also review plans created by you, your clients, or another party. Our 2-page diagnosis will assess and give recommendations on the feasibility, completeness, and overall comprehension of the existing document.

Handling Refusals


Though our business plans maximise approval rates, sometimes they are inevitable. Whether resulting from one of our plans, or one written by some else, we effectively manage refusals and help you respond on all business aspects.

As a Migration or a Business professional working with Joorney, you’ll be in good company among our 900 partners.
We take on the important work and critical role in the application process by preparing in-depth and far-reaching business plans for immigration partners and their clients.
We take our role in the process seriously, supported by a team of more than 70 people (including MBAs, financial analysts, professional writers, and more),
we take pride in our customer service and successful results that are at the heart of our company’s values.

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